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Sunday, March 6, 2011

poem: (50)

i fear there are some unforgivable faults in me
that, if i am not careful, people will notice
and use to dismiss my self-worth.
but in trying to conceal my failures,
i must take them everywhere i go.

too often, my mind gets caught up in what others have that i do not.
how much more important their lives must be.
how much power and influence and talent they must wield.
the friends and cars and trips abroad.

only when i spend an afternoon in the park playing frisbee
or an evening with yoga.
only when i wash my dish right after it's used.
only when i enter a thought i try never to finish, to keep open,
free of judgment and labels.
only when i remember deep, deep down we all are the same
and therefore all need the same.
only when i see beauty that doesn't require words.
only when i give myself unconditional love.
only when i give you unconditional love.
only when i see the inner light in me.
only when i see the inner light in you.

as i practice the growth of soul,
i see nothing is sacred but soul.
my fear i am not good enough,
have not done enough,
will never be enough,
all of this begins to fade
when i remember
true prosperity
exists within.

let me always be poor,
the most impoverished person alive,
if i try to measure true wealth through
who has more than me.
let envy and jealousy bring me to grief.

because the moment i remember
the same spirit spins
in me as spins in you,
i instantly return
to the unity and wholeness and connection
called life, called peace, called love.

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