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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

first week of march: three poems

each morning, if not each second, offers a renewed chance
to explore the courage i need to live my true self.

yet, here i am, still afraid
that the love in my soul might not be enough.
and so i drop my cheerfulness
the second something gets in its way.

when, if not now, will i finally learn
anger and judgment are the great impostors.
they pretend to possess power, to fight in my name,
but they serve only themselves.

it's tempting to judge others as
selfish and self-centered, disrespectful and greedy.

thing is,
i can't hear my whisper
when i am shouting inside.

life is so precious
that to waste even a drop
should be my last choice.

yet, how often do i offer myself over to frustration,
how often to do i find myself complaining,
squirming with impatience,
judging this or that?

true, my mood may darken for only the briefest of moments,
for only the briefest of thoughts,
but missing even an instant
feels like i have just squandered a fortune.

how tempting to believe that my mind and i are the same.
that my thoughts are who i really am.

yet the particular way in which i think
is not my essence, my center.

my true core is the space in which the universe moves.
and as many times as i have doubted,
i belong on this planet.
so let me accept myself as worthy of unconditional love.
not because i necessarily understand exactly why it should be so.
but because i know i can receive whatever i give.


Jabiz said...

thing is,
i can't hear my whisper
when i am shouting inside.

billieball said...