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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

where rain is and is not

as a boy in a car going over a bridge,
the sky stretches blue overhead.
below and soon, san francisco.
in the rain.

i watch it, the rain.
i've never seen it this way.
from this place.
from where it isn't raining to where it is.

i've always wanted the reverse, though.
to look out from within the rain
and see where it is not.

1 comment:

Jabiz said...

Wow I love it.

This could be your best line to date:

below and soon, san francisco.
in the rain.

Love the uncomfortable juxtaposition of the words. I re and re-read it several times to see if it made sense and it does for sure, but it makes sense to a place in my I cannot name.

I love this one. Not to be the literal asshole, but the phenomenon you described of going from rain to not rain happens almost everyday in South East Asia.