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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


a Vox Pop (Org. Vox populi) is a Latin phrase that literally means voice of the people. the term is used in broadcasting for interviews of members of the "general public." it sometimes also goes by the name "man on the street."

here's my first. it's far from perfect, but i couldn't have had a better time snagging the interviews and mixing the final product.

quick note: you might have to click a few links until it pops up in your itunes, and then you'll have to suffer about 13-14 seconds of silence (dead air) until the recording comes in.

um, yeah.

1 comment:

Intrepidflame said...


Great first effort! I loved the fluid transition between the voices. It was a nice effect how the disparate voices and opinions seemed to blend into a “soup” of ideas.

Also thought the E. Smith song choice was a nice touch. That is one of my favorite songs of his.

What was the deal with the guy who said he was ultra-conservative and wanted to drill and chop everything down?

Can’t wait to hear more of these. Are you sure that posting them on the site you chose it is the best platform. Try G-Cast as a good place to store podcasts that can be embbedd right on your blog and allow subscribers through iTunes:

Obviously a great pic!