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Sunday, September 7, 2008

fact-checking mccain's "speech"

skip my notes and just click here.

...or peruse the following:

i'm on record saying that there's only a negligible difference
between the democrats and the republicans. and while i still stand
firm on that point, the recent theatre at the RNC nearly knocked me
cold. the RNC was nearly nothing but a team of demagogues pandering to a welter of "USA! USA! USA!"-chanting jingoists.

as i watched, it was clear that 99.9 percent of the rhetoric was
wrong, erroneous, or simple bald-faced lies (i am tempted to use the
"mendacious" here; but this is a blog, not a grad school essay).

what's worse: the mainstream media only reported how "effective" or
"charismatic" or "engaging" the speeches were, not on (dare we demand
it!) the veracity of content.

the link at the top of the page lets us check the veracity (or lack
thereof) of the speech, rather than just a sense of how the speech

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