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Friday, September 12, 2008

A Blizzard of Lies

i am in serious need of help.

the past two weeks have completely blunted all my remaining hope for
america. i wake up each day to another round of john mccain and sarah
pallin soundbites where they prattle on about good, solid people and
honest character and small town values....and how the democrats
(insert lie), and obama (insert even bigger lie).

the media does nothing to scrutinize the veracity of these claims. it
just publishes the democrat's rejoinder and then quickly pats itself
on the back for its equal and balanced reporting. is this what the
Fourth Estate has become? really? maybe my instructors at USC could
have briefed me before taking my 20 grand each year in exchange for a
BA in print journalism.

today, however, i was granted a much needed reprieve. i paid $10 to
sit in an old high school auditorium at 7pm and listen to amy goodman give one of the most heartening and hopeful talks i have ever had the privilege to witness. then i came home and checked the nytimes and FINALLY found the mainstream media willing to call out mccain
on his blatant mendacity. please, i ask you, read the article here and forward it to as many people as common decorum permits.

listen folks, john mccain (and, to be honest, a WAY lesser extent
barack obama) will say most any lie to avoid discussing the central
policy decisions that america and the world are now facing
( mccain's motto is Country First. what?!?

why am i the first person to note that Country First sounds
dangerously close to stalin's fascistic rhetoric of uber-nationalism?

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