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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Show

The Show

I missed the show.
I couldn't go.
Whose fault it is,
I do not know.

I was on my bike,
but got a flat.
I began to run—
imagine that!

I was almost there
when I lost my shoe.
Now what's left for me to do?

A truck sped by.
I leapt in back.
It began to rain—
so much for that!

Now it's time for the show to start.
I tried to make it with all my heart.

But you were there,
so take it slow:
Tell me all,
go blow-by-blow.


Jabiz said...

This and the kitten one are my two faves thus far. I will read them to Kaia tomorrow and get her take. Nice work Ari Silverstein.

billieball said...

thanks, dude. kittens needs space (to be flowers).

Donna Decoster said...

So simple yet so meaningful. Ari you shine <3