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Friday, April 6, 2012

list, ongoing

learning is, to a large degree, an act of self-reflection—which is why i want to create an ongoing (and never-ending?) list of questions i'm exploring, researching, tinkering with, seeking clarity on, inspired by, frustrated over, etc.

simply put, who i am (at least as a teacher) is a function of the questions i'm pursuing. with that in mind, here is what's on my mind these days:

  • How can I create a writing curriculum that supports rigor and creativity and self-direction, but doesn't rely on "the standard essay" as its main means to achieve syntactic maturity?

  • Where can I head next with the idea that teaching is, first and foremost, the creation of a quality environment?

  • What are some ways I can constructively show my students that the basic pattern of speech is also the basic pattern of writing?

  • How can design more creative and meaningful portfolio assessment in my class?

  • What, as writers, should my students be most familiar DOING by the end of the semester?


I will add to this list as part of ongoing theme of this blog. As a student of mine this semester said, The more questions he asks, the more content he gets.

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