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Sunday, December 19, 2010

through, souls surging

i am trying to bring more stillness into my life, trying to quiet my mind and search for the truth inside.

i am trying to listen to my soul.

for me, the soul is that place where i am pure and free and only want to bloom for the world.
where i become one with the force which beings peace to the planet.

but a lot of the time, i have no idea what the soul is.
i might feel it, sense its presence, yet it all seems so far away, distant, dim, impracticable.

how precious, then, are those moments when we feel our souls surging though us.
moments when we are not competing against anyone, assigning value judgements on anything, yearning for less or more, yesterday or tomorrow.
we stop guarding our flame and seek to share light with others.

we feel pristinely good-intentioned.

it is in these times, we feel patient, hopeful, grateful.
we notice the absence of criticism--for ourselves, for others.

we simply allow ourselves to be a force for good, for the practice of peaceful and humble flourishing.

that is our soul.

i find it an infrequent guest.
the more i invite it in, however, the longer it visits.

1 comment:

Jabiz said...

we stop guarding our flame and seek to share light with others.

Thank you sir for this line.