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Sunday, February 22, 2009

as you were leaving

SONGS I STILL LIKE is a weekly show about music--not the sonic ambrosia of the gods, but the Top 40 cheese of our "gym workout mix."

this week: (mariah carey) SONGS I STILL LIKE.

listen here.

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Intrepid Flame said...

Shopping at Target comment was brilliant.

Something you cannot teach or even learn.

I know it is embarrassing to admit, but there were times that I would sing along to I’ll Be There as junior in high school with tears in my ears. It’s the closet to gay I have ever felt and I loved the feeling.

Sure Mariah’s music was wrapped up in my first love affair, thus making it feel much more important that it ever was, but her album Music Box was a guilty pleasure that I clung to for years after Karen was nothing more than a memory. Having said that, listening to these songs has reminded me of that feeling of being completely powerless to ones emotions.

I am downloading the CD as we speak.

Great show.